Subject: Readme file for large-integer arithmetic Basic library
Date   : 06-06-2009
Code   : FreeBasic 0.90.1 (july 17, 2013)

The largeint archive you downloaded is assumed to be unpacked to the
base directory of your FreeBasic installation.

Start "FBinstal.bat" to install largeint for FB and do a trial run.
No entries are written to the registry.

(Do not use "copypack.bat" and "largeint.bat" in the root directory,
 these are designed for the QB-library versions only.)

Batchfiles for various FB compilation tasks are in packet directory

Usage of these big number modules is mostly self-explanatory, as they
prompt for the exact kind of input they expect. Zero input aborts
execution, in running programs use Ctrl-Break or Ctrl-c.

Instead of typing long sequences of digits at the prompt, preferably
redirect from input datafiles using batch programs. All results are
saved to disk, so data is quickly transferred by copying & pasting from
output to inputfiles. "FBinstal.bat" copies a bunch of sample templates
and batchfiles to the working directory.

Thus, each module is started from the working directory with a batchfile
of the same name. If an inputfile of the same name is also present, then
its data is redirected to the module (-all inputfiles are textfiles with
no extension.) To allow immediate input, simply rename or remove the

First of all, run "primflgs.bas". This module generates a compact,
encoded list of prime numbers below 2,900,000 used by library
function Nxtprm().

Before using the encoder / decoder set, create your own keys with
"genrator.bas", which writes all data necessary for modular
exponentiation to "public.key" and "private.key".

If you want to start coding with the library, you'll find do's & don'ts
and a description of all largeint routines in headerfile "".

When you recieve an "Out of environment space" message if you start
these batchfiles under Windows, find "system.ini" in your windir and
edit as follows: under the header [NonWindowsApp]
                 add the line     CommandEnvSize=1024
Reboot your computer for the change to take effect.

This version of the library is written for FreeBasic,
a highly recommended 32-bit BASIC compiler
for dos, windows and linux.

Official site:

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